an unforgettable vacation

stunning views

a glorious getaway!

just minutes away

picture perfect bedrooms

cliffside chillin'

splendid sunrises

Mother Nature provides her fair share of splendor here at the Three Palms Villa !!  Displays that are quite unique to the location of our property alone.  The above slide show contains just a handful of the amazing sites that await to awaken your senses each day.  Not a one was digitally enhanced.  Here’s what you can count one ….

  • outrageously gorgeous sunrises
  • throwing lettuce to the iguanas, sunning themselves on the rocks below
  • sites and sounds of many species of bird
  • watching turtles come up for air in the waters below
  • good luck rainbows in our short passing showers
  • whale sightings during the spring
  • brilliant full moons and more stars than you can count

Be sure to click on the slide show to view the photos in full screen modes …  And afterwards, we hope you’ll decide to come and join us!

If you would like to our daily dose of sunshine, you can visit and like Victoria’s morning Facebook Blog, Sunrises and Reflections, by clicking here.

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